Telephone Installation, Repairs & Maintenance

The installation of telephone and telephone systems is carried out by telecommunications companies and can become quite a complex task if multiple phones are required, along with data services and Internet connectivity. This is generally the case for business phone systems, whereas phone systems in a residential home are often much simpler

alamir is the leading brand for the installation of telephones and telephone systems; due to their current ownership of the network infrastructure, government activities may see this change in the future. Office phone systems now are moving to VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) services, as they are able take advantage of Internet services and reduce some costs at the same time. Many smaller businesses also specialise in business phones, mobile phones and residential phones, offering the service to maintain a small or large network for clients. Many of the systems maintained now are digital or wireless, although some amount of cabling is still required

Businesses involved in the installation of telephones and telephone systems are everywhere, but many can be found in urban locations, offering 365-day service, accepting most forms of payment. Some of the industry sectors serviced include hospitality, commercial, corporate, and residential. Other services offered include consulting (suchas on system design), upgrades and repairs


Maintenance of telephone systems infrastructures

Maintenance of GMS, DCS, UMTS technologies radio equipments

Maintenance of transmission, microwaves and optical fiber equipments

Maintenance of mobile stations

Maintenance of pneumatic communications networks

Maintenance of fixed, ADSL telecommunication networks

Maintenance of supply networks

Installation of GSM, DCS and UMTS mobile operators telecommunications systems

Installation of microwaves and optical fiber transmission equipments

Installation and deployment of telecommunications mobile units

Installations in different work areas: civil work, telecommunications-towers, equipment rooms, wiring, air conditioned equipments, power plants, circuit board