Alamir co cutting edge technology together with our more than 30 years’ experience and 1,300 qualified professionals make EULEN Maintenance into a unique service provider in the market that provides companies with the best human and technical means and a wide coverage throughout their national territory

SERVICES Maintenance of telephone systems infrastructures. Maintenance of GMS, DCS, UMTS technologies radio equipments. Maintenance of transmission, microwaves and optical fiber equipments. Maintenance of mobile stations. Maintenance of pneumatic communications networks. Maintenance of fixed, ADSL telecommunication networks. Maintenance of supply networks. Installation of GSM, DCS and UMTS mobile operators telecommunications systems. Installation of microwaves and optical fiber transmission equipments. Installation and deployment of telecommunications mobile units. Installations in different work areas: civil work, telecommunications-towers, equipment rooms, wiring, air conditioned equipments, power plants, circuit board.

How we got started

Our business phone system maintenance service can help you avoid the cost of replacing a poorly performing system and minimise risk of any system downtime to guarantee a service level to meet your business requirements. Our maintenance schemes allow you to: tify issues before they occur and keep the system running smoothly Ensure faults are dealt with according to an agreed schedule Budget efficiently rather than paying a premium whenever an issue occur Have a quick, single contact point if an unexpected issue occurs

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