IDC2000 terminal

IDC2000 terminal
فوریه 22, 2017
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فوریه 22, 2017

IDC2000 terminal


Application: Used in indoor environments such as MDF and copper cables to connect the external environment

Material: modules made of polycarbonate (PC) / poly Botha Dyyn (PBT) for fire protection according to ASTM D2863, blade module made of phosphor bronze (CuSn6) with silver cover and frame made of Stainless Steel


Weight Products Product Type
790 grams of 64 paired N.O
1110 Hot 100 couples N.O
775 grams of 64 paired N.C
1120 Hot 100 couples N.C
1575 grams of 128 paired N.C

Technical Specifications:

The Ranzhh the wires with diameters of 0.4, 0.6
Open to install fuse protects the normal terminal (N.O.) for the protection of consumers against unwanted voltage and current in indoor environments such as MDF
Phone lines close to each other in normal direct connection terminals (N.C.) and the isolated for cutout in the terminal
Standard blades: IDC, DIN41611, Part6; IEC 352-4-2
Mechanical and electrical requirements considered in this product is in compliance with IEC 60512-2 standard.