OCDF high capacity rack

فوریه 22, 2017
Optical Fiber Parts
فوریه 22, 2017

OCDF high capacity rack


The Rock to connect fiber-optic cables to each other or to Pygtl Luz connection is used. This type of rock are installed depending on the position of the center, inside an underground cable or MDF halls or other suitable locations in the vicinity of them.

Material: Body Rock of 2 mm thick ST37 with electrostatic paint oven RAL7032, shelf Body made of aluminum with a thickness of 2 mm Group 6000 with electrostatic paint RAL7032 oven and tray cassette (Tray) with a thickness of 1.5 mm made of aluminum Group 6000 furnace with electrostatic paint RAL7032

Weight: 385 kg

Technical Specifications:

The Rock of three “original rock” in the middle and two “sub-Rock” has been formed on both sides.
The rock shelf OCDF separate input and output is used.
Rock dimensions in millimeters (width × height × depth) 600 × 1200 × 2200
The ultimate capacity: 2880 Fusion
Doors equipped with locks and knobs three points clear of polycarbonate and knob switch
It has adjustable legs for leveling on uneven surfaces of rock