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Al Amir

Al Amir is a leading company with thirty year Experience of his member in telecommunication projects in the field of design, consultancy and supply elecommunications equipment and operations in Oman, Islamic republic of Iran and world wide countries telecom projects, with cooperation and support of his Technical teams and Joint companies in Iran , Oman , Germany , Croatia , Austria , Korea , China . . .Etc .
Base on AL AMIR Co. Policy and Experience and with cooperation of our company Technical Team and Company’s Joint Technical Teams in overseas we able to Run Different Type of Projects Such AS EPC + F company Include: urban and between urban transmission, types of digital switch, soft switch, power supply services, the sale, installation of transmission towers, all of the mobile communications, all data fields including the internet, intranet and MPLS activities etc.
We most welcome and shake hand with our friends in world Global Telecom companies to Joint us in Oman and worldwide Telecom projects .

Telecommunication equipment


implementation telecom

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Maintenance of telephone systems infrastructures. Maintenance of GMS, DCS, UMTS technologies radio equipments. Maintenance of transmission, microwaves and optical fiber equipments. Maintenance of mobile stations. Maintenance of pneumatic communications networks.

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Design of telecommunication projects

Develop an architecture or block diagram of the system Develop system using programming language Use appropriate Wireless technology Implement results
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WI FI Project

The provision of wireless services is another way in which the al-amir group of companies provides its broadband services. This part of the service is available in all areas where there is no possibility of using a wire or the customer's distance from the telecommunication centers to the extent that it is not possible to communicate with the wires for the customer. In addition, customers who need more bandwidth or do not want to change their phone line usage can access their preferred bandwidth using this service. In this method, using the specified frequency bands, air communication between al-amir and the customer is established.

The provision of wireless services is another way in which the al-amir co group offers its broadband services. This part of the service is available in all areas where there is no possibility of using a wire or the customer's distance from the telecommunication centers to the extent that it is not possible to communicate with the wires for the customer.
In addition, customers who need more bandwidth or do not want to change their phone line usage can access their preferred bandwidth using this service. In this method, using specific frequency bands, the air communication between al-amir co and the customer organization is established.
It should be noted that frequency bands previously used for air communication are bandwidths of 2.4 GHz and 5.2 GHz, which are due to excessive saturation capacity. Accordingly, in order to provide the best possible service and to resolve the problem, the al-amir co group has allocated specific frequency bands and allocated its own wireless services through the dedicated bands to the customers. he does.
Al-Amir Co, with the inclusion of other frequencies in addition to the frequencies mentioned above, and obtaining the official license of the Regulatory Authority and Radio Communications for the use of these frequencies, provide wireless links without disturbance and noise, and in a new way to customers. Gives The main advantage is to provide very stable and quality links to customers that do not require maintenance and frequency monitoring
. In fact, problems caused by frequent interference that has always been problematic in Tehran and major cities of Iran will be addressed to customers.
How to communicate in wireless Communication between the centers or the various geographical locations of companies and organizations in the wireless approach is carried out as follows:
Create a communication channel by al-amir co
To communicate between two different locations, there must be a Line of Sight (LOS) between the company and the client organization. Al-amir co has provided this opportunity by installing towers in its points of presence (POPSite). In this way, it is possible to communicate with more customers at multiple geographic locations.
Control frequency interference with other centers
Once the communication channel has been established, it must be ensured that the desired frequency capacity is not saturated and there is no interference with other centers. Due to the special use of al-amir co from special frequency bands, this problem has been greatly anticipated and resolved.
Receive waves at the customer's location
As noted earlier, to receive waves of communication, there should be a direct point of view between the server and the client. Depending on the location of the customer organization, this connection is sometimes established without the need for a rig at the customer's premises and sometimes by using a rig on the premises. An antenna and a radio receiver are also used to receive these waves and communicate. When there is no direct observation (LOS), the use of the NLOS technique is provided using special equipment. In this method, despite the lack of direct vision, it will be possible to send bandwidth to the client. But this bandwidth is limited and there is not much bandwidth available. In this method, the bandwidth typically reaches several megabytes per second.
After establishing this relationship, the customer organization can use the Internet overnight and online services with thousands of dial-up speeds. In this way, according to the bandwidth purchased, it is possible to communicate simultaneously for dozens of users and network users in different geographical locations, even in buildings and cities separate from each other. Currently, many customers and organizations such as ISPs and ISDPs (large public and private organizations) throughout the country use this part of the al-amir co company group service and benefit from the all-inclusive and dedicated al-amir co support.
Al-amir wireless services features
The main features of the al-amir co broadband service can be
summarized as follows: Continued use of Internet services with the speed of thousands of dial-up services Use of dedicated bandwidth with the speed of receiving and sending unequal and unbalanced service choices Relations between different parts of the organization and in buildings apart from each other Security of data and customer information It benefits from 24-hour dedicated support and permanent monitoring and quality control services Use dedicated frequency bands to provide services Multiple attendance points (POPs) for multiple customers to serve

Using bandwidth services provides companies and organizations with a wealth of information that can help them choose and handle these services. Here are some of these features:
Permanent Internet access without dialing and disconnecting Relationships between companies, sub-units and centers and agencies Permanent monitoring and monitoring system and 24-hour support services with well-equipped and efficient tools.
Use the most advanced and advanced hardware to communicate The benefits of high-quality services without the need for telecommunications follow-up Securing data and confidentiality of information Organization monitoring by security cameras

With its highly experienced and advanced equipment and advanced

equipment, al-Amir provides customers with a high quality and unique bandwidth service. The reasons for choosing al-amir as a broadband service provider can be summarized as follows:
• Providing advice on the implementation of broadband services (referring to the ISDP license for other provinces of the country) Al-amir helps provide customers with useful advice for providing broadband services. Customers can receive al-amir advice before they receive their services.
• Suitable coverage of most parts of Tehran
The ability to provide high-capacity broadband services in most parts of Tehran is one of the wireless or wired methods of the most important features of the al-amir bandwidth service.
• Agility and flexibility
The young and creative force of al-amir has become a flexible and agile collection of utilizations of modern knowledge and the acquisition of new technologies and the prevailing critique of the organization. This agility and flexibility provide the right environment for improving the quality of service and timely responsiveness to customer needs.
All dedicated service customers can fully utilize their purchased bandwidth.
• Securing data and confidentiality of information
With the use of special equipment, al-Amir keeps all its customers safe from the spread of viruses, vomites and spam. All ports that are likely to infiltrate viruses and vermin will be blocked by this equipment, and will be notified to all customers who have problems with it so that they can quickly resolve their issue by al-amir experts.
• Possibility to provide services throughout the country Providing services throughout the country is one of the characteristics of the al-amir bandwidth service. Customers anywhere in the country can benefit from al-amir bandwidth services. • Permanent monitoring and monitoring system
Al-Amir monitors bandwidth services by using the most advanced and most sophisticated hardware. The monitoring of the organization by security cameras also makes the provision of customer service always under control.
• The use of high-quality services without the need for telecommunications follow-up
Al-Amir offers its customers the highest quality service by conducting telecommutations for their customers, in addition to reducing the operating time of the system.
• The cost-effective drop-out in quality management is a feature of the al-amir bandwidth service. Given the high volume of al-amir bandwidth customers, it's possible to provide tailor made services at reasonable prices for customers.
• Providing technical support and monitoring services for the 24-hour network, specially for bandwidth clients. The technical support team of the al-amir group operates 24 hours a day, and throughout the year customer service broadcasts. Members of the team are trying to provide clients with requests and problems with timely responses to provide services as soon as possible.