IDC2000 terminal

A 19-inch patch panel unit
فوریه 22, 2017
IDC2000 terminal
فوریه 22, 2017

IDC2000 terminal


Material: AL anodized and nickel-plated ST12


Weight Products Product Type
14 kg Type (plan Simens)
14 kg type II (the NEC)

Technical Specifications:

The 42-hole plate rock is composed of four terminal number and capacity of the Rock 80E1 (160 cable connection or Send & Receive) is.
The possibility of installing coaxial connector types 3 C-2V, 2.5C-2V, G62, G62.1 on blades
Rock of DDF in the type A (Siemens) adjustable maximum height is 12 mm.
DDF rock type A (Siemens) can be installed back to back so that occupy less space.
Rock of DDF in the type II (NEC) None of the pieces can not move.